January 31, 2013

Photo©2012_Ed Kashi/VII

The mobile photography movement is steadily gaining momentum, despite the passionate and divergent feelings about this new trend.  As previously highlighted by Ed, the Mobile Masters exhibit fully embraces the iPhoneographers’ artwork as something fresh and exciting. Mobile Masters also seeks to spread the knowledge with their iPad appBook on the subject that features the work of mobile photographers and reveals their process. Looking at this development in a positive and groundbreaking light, Dan Marcolina states, “In 1891 Peter Emerson, an early promoter of photography as an art form, was in despair about the limits of photo processing deciding that it would forever remain a minor art because it could not be manipulated at will…We have now crossed this threshold.”

In an article from the British Journal of Photography the pros and cons of the mobile photography platform of Instagram, are weighed in on by different photographers. Instagram can be a great tool for photojournalists to interact with a large audience, which is eloquently touched upon by John Stanmeyer of VII Photo. However, the new terms of agreement that were proposed have led to concern for some photographers. Ed Kashi speaks out on the issue in this article and highlights the potential roadblocks with the proposed Instagram terms. Also, the adjustments photographers must make to accommodate changing technology is  touched on by Ed. “The world is not the same as it was just five years ago, let alone 30 years ago when I first entered the profession. We must adapt and make tough decisions as we move forward. That is also why it’s critically important to share information and communicate with one another, so we stay stronger and aware.”

It is crucial not only for photographers to be aware and conscious when working with this new form of photography, both as journalism and art, but also to acclimate themselves to our changing world. As much stigma as the medium faces, mobile photography is gaining acceptance. Mobile Photography Awards hosted a competition that is to result in a gallery exhibition in NYC’s Soho Gallery for Digital Art. Some of Ed’s iPhone photographs were selected as winners in the competition along with many other interesting and engaging images. The photograph featured here was selected for first place in the transportation category, along with two other honorable mentions in the JUXT photojournalism category. The gallery show will take place from February 22-28th. Come out to the show to see some mobile images and challenge your ideas on what photography and art really is.

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