December 23, 2014

Published today on the New York Times: 2014 The Year In Pictures.

The New York Times slideshow of 100 images recaps the year highlighting important events and newsworthy developments including the Maidan riots in Kiev, protests in Ferguson, the Ebola epidemic, and much more. Included in this collection is an image by Ed Kashi (VII) representing the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado,  as this came to the forefront of the news in early 2014.


Dana Jennings wrote in the introduction to the gallery, “That’s the question posed by the most potent photographs of 2014: How close? We founder in the shallows amid the constant nano-buzz of a modern culture. But with just one powerful still photograph — emphasis on still — you need to stop, stare, then drown in the image, tumble into its pure moment.” View this image and more from The Year in Pictures 2014 here.

View more from this story on pot legalization here.

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