March 08, 2016


Two award-winning Newest Americans short documentaries, Notes For My Homeland  and We Came And Stayed, continue to garner praise and attention from new audiences! As noted in the latest Newest Americans newsletter, “Notes has been selected for the Black Maria Film Festival’s Jury’s Select 1st Prize, and We Came and Stayed has received the Director’s Choice Award 4th Prize. Both films will also screen at the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City April 2, 5:00-7:00PM (Notes) and April 3, 12:30PM-2:30PM (We Came And Stayed). Newest Americans documentaries have also been presented through online and/or print publication by The Atlantic, National Geographic and PDN Storytellers.”


Photo by Ashley Gilbertson/VII

Check out some of the compelling stories that make up Issue #2: “A Building, A Block, A Neighborhood” at www.newestamericans.com. This second issue highlights the then and now history of the University Heights neighborhood of Newark. Stories in this issue include:

Ballad of University Heights
Slide Through Time
The Newark Sound
Newark 1967: Juggernaut, Movement, Resolution
Halsey Street: Frontier of The New Newark
Over My Dead Body!
The Mysterious Dennis Okin

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