January 22, 2016

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The second issue of Newest Americans has dropped! “Issue 2 of Newest Americans looks at the University Heights neighborhood of Newark in the 1960s and today, as development money flows into the city on a scale not seen in half a century. Why is University Heights so central to the economic and cultural vision of the new Newark? What can be learned from 1967, when Newark’s last sustained encounter with urban renewal erupted in flames? Now, as then, Newark’s story resonates with that of so many of the U.S.’s great industrial cities, fallen on hard times and reinventing themselves in a multi-ethnic and post-industrial world.”

Content in this jam-packed issue includes:

  • The Ballad of University Heights – Words and video about the changes in University Heights.
  • Slide Through Time – Photographs of University Heights in the 1960s and today. Using an interactive slider demonstrates how the arrival of a medical school in 1967 displaced a community of middle-class black homeowners and transformed a neighborhood.
  • The Newark Sound – A then-and-now look at the University Heights music scene. Now: a video about the current Newark warehouse music scene, featuring Guyanese-American punk rocker Chris Bacchus and his band Sunny Gang. Then: an audiovisual tribute to the neighborhood’s legendary dance hub Club Zanzibar and the “Jersey Sound” it produced.
  • Newark 1967: Juggernaut, Movement, Resolution – Resistance to the plan to move a medical school to University Heights sparked Newark’s 1967 summer of discontent.
  • Halsey Street: Frontier of the New Newark – A text and photo essay looking at the epicenter of the revival of downtown Newark.
  • Over My Dead Body! – Louise Epperson, an occupational therapist and community activist, led the resistance to the plan to blight her neighborhood and use the land to build a medical school. Author Katie Singer places her writing in dialogue with Ms. Epperson’s own voice from an interview.
  • The Mysterious Dennis Okin – A conversation at the restaurant 27 Mix inspires Shana Russell to look at Newark’s history through the racial hieroglyphics etched on hand-me-down shirts.

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Newest Americans is a multimedia collaboratory of journalists, media-makers, artists, faculty and students telling the stories that radiate from the most diverse university in the nation. Based in Newark, NJ, a city shaped by migration, this project affords a glimpse into the world of the newest Americans and a vision of our demographic future.

Newest Americans is produced by the Center for Migration and the Global City, and faculty in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media at Rutgers University – Newark in partnership with VII Photo and Talking Eyes Media. We have a large body of contributors and co-conspirators who are credited in the masthead and at the end of each story.


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