June 10, 2014

Ed Kashi’s (VII) story on Pot Security in Denver was recently published in Newsweek Japan. Originally shot for NBC News, this photo essay was first published as an online gallery and now appears in print in the May 27, 2014 issue of Newsweek Japan.

As Colorado leads the United States into uncharted territory by legalizing marijuana sales and creating laws that defy the federal statutes against pot, this state has become a test case for the nation. Before the new law came into effect, burglaries and break-ins to medical pot dispensaries and grow houses were an issue that now continues to worsen.

Security efforts are being made to protect these companies who are left without government support or protection due to conflicting state and federal laws. The clashing regulations prevent these legal businesses from depositing their cash in a bank, leaving them exposed as easy targets for robbery. This story looks at pot culture and the challenge of security around the newly legalized recreational and medical marijuana industry in the state of Colorado.

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