June 07, 2012

Congratulations to the Open Society Foundations who have launched their new site! The new OSF site hosts an incredible range of projects that promote awareness around the globe to encourage “vibrant and tolerant democracies.”

Ed is honored to have been included in multiple OSF projects, including the multimedia pieces addressing Pretrial Justice that are hosted on the new site. Benson’s Story, Vintenga’s Story and Deize & Indaia’s Story are examples of individuals unjustly held in detention while awaiting trial, sometimes at the cost of death. In Benson’s Story we are poignantly reminded not only of the personal toll of these detentions but also the effects it has on the family’s economic and emotional well-being. “It becomes impossible for me to eat because of the sadness that is within me,” Benson’s Grandmother, V.H. Sinda, remarks.

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