October 28, 2009

A Talking Eyes Media produced short film featuring still photographs from Ed Kashi aired on MSNBC.com’s front page yesterday. Denied tells the story of Sheila Wessenberg, a 44-year-old mother of two who was running out of time and options. Wessenberg, who had a mastectomy, lost her medical coverage when her husband lost his job. Within a year, the Wessenbergs went from living in a luxury townhouse on an income of over $100,000, to facing bankruptcy and desperation. The film reveals the reality behind America’s dysfunctional healthcare system and what it means when access to care is denied.

Today, the responses have been pouring in.

The Daily Kos writer Sven Eberlein (citisven) weighed in with his thoughts on both the film and the current health care debate.

Raising Women’s Voices is as outraged as we are at the injustice done to Sheila and her family and want you to share your thoughts as well.

If you head over to the Talking Eyes blog you can read the story of an American father now living in Japan who called Julie within minutes of the film being posted to tell her his own family’s personal medical horror story.

Sheila’s story is touching people in many different ways, all across the globe. If you have a story of your own to share, send us an email or leave it in the comments.

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