November 17, 2009

I am in Pakistan working again, unable to sleep due to jet lag and an overactive mind. For those of you who enjoy literature, both fiction and non, and also photography, you should subscribe to Granta. It’s a UK based quarterly that serves as a wonderful primer for current writers, literature and even photography. I am reading a short story by the American writer, Elizabeth Pisani and wanted to share this paragraph with you. It’s something that captures my thoughts and impressions beautifully…

“Whether or not we are honest about it, the knowledge that our journalism shapes our personal narratives affects what we report at least as much as the hunger, fear, exhaustion and hubris that occupy large parts of our minds in a war zone. While we pretend to ourselves that we are neutral observers, simply recording events as we see them, we all want to be at the centre of the stories we tell.”

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