June 18, 2013

National Geographic hosts Photo Camps around the world providing young people with creative opportunities as well as promoting cross-cultural learning for everyone. Giving the youth of our communities a voice in discussing their unique perspectives on current issues affecting our world has proven important for all of us.

Photo©2012_Noor Za Din

Last year, Internews collaborated with National Geographic to bring Photo Camp into Pakistan. Seventeen young photographers from rural Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan participated in the Photo Camp. These photographers worked to create images to tell their stories of daily life in these remote and  less well traveled areas of Pakistan. The intimate details and close up look at Pakistan through the eyes of these photographers shows us a completely different set of imagery than what we would typically see by foreign photographers.  Focusing on storytelling techniques, the camp encouraged participants to explore and share their own genuine visions of their home.

“Civil engineering is my profession, and photography is my passion.”
Photo©2012_Irfan Ali

On June 12th, some of these images were selected for an exhibition titled: Pakistan Through Our Eyes,  at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington, D.C. The Huffington Post praised the show calling Pakistan Through Our Eyes “a rare glimpse into a land not often represented through the lenses of those who live there. It is a refreshingly new look into a world that will surprise us all.” Some of the photographers accompanied their work at the exhibit, including Huma Gul, a rare Pakistani female photographer. Gul was featured on the “All Things Considered” segment on National Public Radio (NPR) . Gul describes her experiences as a photographer and her gentle yet persistent tactics to capture her subjects. 

Photo©2012_Huma Gul

Internews is working to find a location to exhibit these images for a longer period of time so that the general public can have the opportunity to experience this side of Pakistan as well. In the mean time, check out more images on the Internews Flickr page and listen to some brief words from these talented young photojournalists on NPR’s broadcast, “Pakistani Photographers Take a Personal Picture of Home.”

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