September 25, 2008

It was standing room only at Tuesday night’s New York event hosted by Revenue Watch Institute and the Open Society Documentary Photography Project.

Distinguished panelists including Ina Howard-Parker, Antoine Heuty, Omoyele Sowore, Micahel Watts, and our own Ed Kashi met to discuss the atrocities of “political gangsterism, corruption, and poverty” that have converged in the Niger Delta over the past 5 decades.

Questions addressed by the forum: Can pictures help bring about peace and democracy in the world’s sixth largest oil producing country? Are the poor of Nigeria devoid of their rights as human beings due to the “scramble for African oil”?

We’d love to hear from those fortunate to have been in attendance at the event and for those who were not there, learn more from the sites below:

Open Society Institute

Revenue Watch Institute

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