February 24, 2015

BFM Radio: “Photojournalism in the Age of Instagram”
Listen to the full podcast below (Ed Kashi interview begins at 14:20):

“It’s incredible how this social ‘medium’, that because I’ve devoted my life to photography, is so relevant. It allows me to connect with people, to share my work, sometimes very, very serious journalistic reportage work, with an audience all over the world.” – Ed Kashi (VII) on Instagram and photojournalism


Photo©2015 Ed Kashi/VII

Photojournalists use the visual language of images as a powerful storytelling tool. This language continuously evolves  in stride with creations of new visual mediums, platforms for sharing, and image-making techniques in this age of social media.


Photo©2015 Ed Kashi/VII

The impact of social media outlets, like Instagram, is a highly debated topic. With an average of 70 million photographs shared each day, the access to and sheer quantity of posted images is often perceived as a threat to fields like photojournalism. However, a case can be made for the ability of Instagram to enhance the experience of photographers and viewers alike.


Photo©Ed Kashi/VII


Ed Kashi is among the photographers interviewed by Annabelle Lee of BFM Radio in the recent podcast “Photojournalism, in the Age of Instagram”. Also featured in this interview are Berman of Noor Images and news photographer, Nick Stern. In the interview, Kashi advocates for the positive effect of Instagram on the field of photojournalism. Kashi is quoted, “It allows me to share my life if I so choose, to report on things, and to do it immediately, with no gatekeeper; there’s no barrier between me and my audience.” The freedom of sharing directly with an audience opens great potential for a broader reach and impact. Instagram can inspire a large audience to join the conversation on important issues, making it a very powerful form of social media.

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