July 16, 2012

photo: Christopher Morris

It just goes to show that some photographs will never lose their power. Even when the urgency of the topic has waned, some bodies of work will still stop you in your tracks. Such is the case with the images in the recently released book “Bosnia 1992-1995” created by Jon Jones (project photo editor), Gary Knight (project production in collaboration with photographer Ziyah Gafic) and Remy Ourdan (project text editor). The book was launched last week at the Sarajevo Film Festival and is an instant classic showcasing the work of over 50 contributing photographers and writers. Photographs, critical historical records, serve to remind us of the past — regrettable and triumphant pivotal moments — so that we may better navigate our futures.

photo: Tomas van Houtryve

Today, photojournalism-as-investigation-and-testimony is very much alive and well in Tomas van Houtryve’s new book, “Behind the Curtains of Twenty-First Century Communism,” a body of work resulting from seven years spent documenting the world’s existing communist states. Van Houtryve’s images, enigmatic and pressing in nature, capture the “secretive world of revolutionaries, spies, opposition fighters and ordinary workers” and so hold court today, but there is every reason to believe they will continue to be evocative, as is the case with “Bosnia 1992-1995,” 25 years from now. You can view the show in person if you are in the New York area at VII Gallery from July 25 – Aug 31 (Opening Reception: Thurs, July 26).



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