February 06, 2013

By definition, photojournalism is a visual description of issues, news and events, giving this genre a unique importance. There are times when words cannot do a subject justice, and that is where photojournalism comes into play. Images can shine a light on current events and issues in a way that text alone cannot. Photojournalism thus continues to play a unique and relevant role in today’s media saturated society. As our future, teenagers are an especially important audience to reach with visual reporting. Using photojournalism is crucial to not only teach young adults about the role of photography, but also as a way of representing the timely issues of the day. Margo Wixsom, a teacher at Palo Alto High School believes in this too. Wixsom is the driving force behind Palo Alto High’s annual photojournalism forum. The art and photography teacher says of the event, “The work is geared to help viewers connect with an array of issues around the world that affect us here in Palo Alto. There is no other presentation that I have seen that includes such diverse and relevant information.” Bringing in photojournalists such as, Ed Kashi (VII) and Camille Seaman to speak with high school students has proven a valuable tradition. This Thursday, February 7th, Palo Alto High School in California will be hosting it’s 4th annual What Matters Paly Photojournalism Forum. Ed will be speaking at this event about photojournalism and his experiences. Visit the link above for more details.

Ed Kashi/VII

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