June 05, 2012

Ed is pleased to announce that “Photojournalisms – the App” is now available on iTunes!

Ed’s recent book “Photojournalisms” has been received worldwide with praise from, among others, the NY Times, The Guardian and ABC News. We are happy to announce that the enhanced companion digital version, “Photojournalisms – the App,” is now available through iTunes.

“Photojournalisms – the App” features the same collection of Ed’s candid reflections while on assignment away from his home and growing family for over 20 years that are included in the limited edition hard cover book. The digital version goes deeper and capitalizes on the app medium by delivering more content such as an interactive map, never-before-seen images and contact sheets, audio/video supplements and a portal to ASK ED.

ASK ED is intended to serve as an interactive forum for personal assistance, individualized education, and knowledgeable insights. Right now, there are opportunities to win a free Skype session with Ed and a first edition, signed version of the printed book. Communication, connectedness, community and continuity are all the primary objectives of ASK ED.

We invite you to join the discussion by buying the App today!

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