May 10, 2012

Please join me in celebrating and supporting my wife and colleague, Julie Winokur’s, most recent project: BRING IT TO THE TABLE. Julie and her Talking Eyes Media team have recently launched a new kickstarter site to get this platform for a robust, healthy, and intelligent political dialog, off the ground. As a husband and a board member of Talking Eyes Media, I am a proud comrade, but more importantly, as an American, I am grateful for the initiative to bridge the divide in this hyper-partisan and unproductive political climate. Please consider donating, there are varied tiers to accommodate your budget and as little as $10 will be an asset!

Bring it to the Table aims to bridge the political divide by allowing everyday citizens to share their beliefs, online and on camera. This project will develop into a participatory web platform, community engagement campaign, and webisode series focused on connecting Americans across the political divide. Bring it to the Table is a non-partisan project that grew out of our own frustration with a limited, hyper-partisan national dialogue. We are realistic about our goals, and realize that while we might not change people’s minds, we will at least elevate the conversation, begin to bridge a false divide, and start making politics an acceptable topic for dinner conversations again.

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Help @2thetable meet its $30k @kickstarter goal! “Bring it to the Table” says goodbye to ugly partisan politics.

Thank you,

Ed Kashi

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