February 23, 2015

Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

When I began my life in photojournalism, I never would have predicted the direction the field would take. As this craft continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, it opens up new ways to engage with your audience and offers new tools and methods for dynamic storytelling – like motion and sound. This new way of telling stories is sometimes called multimedia, but in reality is short form documentary filmmaking.  Exploring these new avenues, I have come to cherish the importance of bringing a voice to my subjects and the greater responsibility this medium beckons upon my practice as a journalist and storyteller. While my journey of experimentation with motion is now in it’s 15th year, I remain completely inspired and absorbed in the process of making still imagery. For me, these two mediums are inextricably linked. Regardless of whether I am making a set of still images for a photo-essay or creating a film using motion and audio, my purpose and motivation remain the same. I want to tell stories that matter to me and to the world. I want to use my ability to gain intimacy with my subjects, and harness the opportunity to reach people as a way to make a difference, not only through raising awareness about issues of the day, but also by finding collaborators who can use my work to catalyze positive change.

I am honored and humbled to receive the 72nd POYi Multimedia Photographer of the Year Award, as well as first place in Documentary Journalism for the Talking Eyes Media film “Syria’s Lost Generation”. In the ever-changing world of documentary photojournalism, by including motion and sound I believe we can make more powerful statements and reach more people.

Thank you to all of the dedicated, talented, and hardworking photographers who continue to push this medium forward.

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