September 21, 2009

British documentary filmmaker Franny Armstrong premieres her latest film “The Age of Stupid” in New York tonight. Armstrong’s attempt to “humanize the climate challenge” begins in 2055 with a futuristic librarian reviewing videos from our present. Reflecting on lives intertwined by energy, resulting conflicts, and current abuses of the environment, this caretaker of what remains of human culture, science, and history marvels at our inability to correct our energy usage in spite of the knowledge and tools at our disposal. What will our planet be like if we continue along the existing path without regard for Earth’s limited resources? This film provides a frightening glimpse of what may come.

The film opens in 440 theaters in the United States Monday evening and in 63 countries at last count, ranging from Israel to Madagascar. Per Ms. Armstrong, “(There would have been 64, but the Nigerian government just canceled the screening in Lagos, she said, after realizing that part of the film focuses on accusations of government human-rights violations and misuse of oil money.)”

Read the The New York Times “Are We Living in ‘The Age of Stupid’ article for more information.

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