The notion of ‘home’ has shifting significance for a photojournalist who travels the world documenting social and political issues. For the past 30 years, Ed Kashi has lived a life of intense engagement mixed with danger, anticipation, and loneliness. Encompassing nearly 20 years of photographs and journal entries to his wife, Julie, Witness Number Eight: Photojournalisms provides a deeply moving glimpse into the career, life and mind of an intrepid photographer. It is a complex collage defined by sensation, tension, and passion.

“As a photojournalist who travels extensively around the world, home for me has always been a shifting term, with shifting people and shifting objects vying for my attention. Upon meeting Julie Winokur in 1992, that dynamic was forever altered. When we married in 1994, a pattern of recording journals addressed to Julie was already firmly established. In keeping with the changing times, what began as paper journals was replaced with daily emails by 2000. Encompassing nearly 20 years, this book is a selection of these journal entries from various locations around the world written for my wife.”
– Ed Kashi


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Witness Number 8: Photojournalisms, 2012