August 15, 2009

Please check out the links below to new postings on the blog Resolve, which is moderated by the wonderful Miki Johnson, formerly of American Photo and now working with Livebooks. She has some wonderful interviews with Burk Uzzle and Bill Owens, among others, about the world of photojournalism after being a staff photographer at newspapers.

As Miki said, “I Wanted to make sure you saw this package I’ve been working on for former staffers…I’m sure I mentioned, probably several times 😉 I got a lot of great contributions from people. I think you’ll appreciate it:
Resolve PJ

If you know others who will appreciate it, including your blog community, I hope you’ll share it with them — the more people who participate, the more help it will be to everyone :)”

You can also see a list of all five-days of upcoming posts here: After Staff Special Projects

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