November 01, 2011

If the introductions by Sabastiao Salgado and Raghu Rai are not enough to prompt you to purchase this incredible volume, then perhaps the legacy of Shahidul Alam as founder of a prestigious photography school, agency and festival in Bangladesh or his selected archive of photographs addressing social justice will convince you. Launching Nov 10 at the Rizzoli bookstore in New York,  the book is described as “An insight into the evolution of one of the most significant movements in contemporary photography, through the eyes and voice of the man who shaped it. An extraordinary artist, Shahidul Alam is a photographer, writer, activist, and social entrepreneur who used his art to chronicle the social and artistic struggles in a country known largely for poverty and disasters. Lucid and personal, this much-awaited book includes over 100 photographs tracing Alam’s artistic career, activism, and the founding of photography organizations. From early images shot in England to photographs of the last two decades in his native Bangladesh, this is a journey from photojournalism into social justice. Alam’s superb imagery is matched by his perceptive accounts, at once deeply intimate and bitingly satirical.” Visit www.shahidulnews.com for more information.

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