May 22, 2009

In connection with the legal case being heard in New York City right now, a website supporting the efforts of Ken Saro Wiwa’s family against Shell Oil has posted a short of our piece on the Niger Delta. Shell Guilty

Here is a very good article in the New York Times today that explains the case: New York Times

This case could be historic depending on the verdict. I am back in the Niger Delta working on a new documentary in Bayelsa State and I am again reminded of the abhorrent disparities that continue here. The cynical and convenient behavior of the Nigerian Federal Government, it’s military in the guise of the JFT (Joint Military Task Force) and the International Oil Companies, create this vicious dynamic where nobody has to actually take responsibility for the conditions of the Niger Delta; specifically the quality of life, lack of development, the environment, lack of human rights and unfair distribution of the oil profits. The Nigerian military uses the “militants”, groups like MEND, as foils, framing the situation as one of just law and order. It is so much more complicated here and further violence will not solve this situation. While the militants, many who are criminal gangs, are no heroes, there must be another focus towards a lasting solution.

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