September 18, 2015

CreativeLive offers hundreds of free workshops with professionals in different creative mediums via live online sessions. VII‘s Ed Kashi and Ron Haviv are participating in this year’s Photo Week: five straight days of workshops and classes on all things photography-related starting on Monday, September 21st. Next week will feature talks on everything from studio lighting to outdoor photography to portraiture to documentary photojournalism.



Photo © Ed Kashi/VII

In ‘Why We Shoot,’ Ed and Ron will be talking about what inspires and motivates them as photojournalists and visual storytellers. They’ll also be discussing how they approach their work with integrity and honesty in a time when photojournalism, and journalism in general, is evolving so rapidly.


Photo © Ed Kashi/VII

Photo © Ed Kashi/VII

Both Ed and Ron have dedicated their careers to documenting social and political change around the world. They will be talking about the importance of bearing witness with their cameras in an attempt to positively influence change. The session will be streamed live, for free, from Seattle on Wednesday, September 23 from 1:15pm – 4:30pm PST. You can go to the CreativeLive website to RSVP for the full conference.

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