June 17, 2013

With the ever growing opportunities to share work on the web, the distribution of photographs has become ubiquitous. Communities interested in photography keep growing and continue to be fed by a seemingly infinite amount of  images and ideas. Photojournalists making images for a cause also have the opportunity to gain attention for and promote the issues that they support through their photographs. The ability to gain a wider audience and consequently a larger support base, makes sharing for photojournalists worthwhile. However, these benefits of increased exposure via the web can be clouded by the conundrums of payment and copyright issues. Trying to find exposure platforms that provide a good balance in the current environment can be a difficult task. Knowing what to look for is key.

Madagascar, 2010
Photo©2010_Ed Kashi/VII

SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) is one example trying to get this delicate balance right. It’s a website created for “photographers, NGOs, journalists, curators, editors, and students to create and explore documentary exhibits investigating critical issues facing the world today.” SDN has been involved with the international documentary community since 2008. Photographers, amateur and professional alike have submitted over 1,500 documentary exhibits in that time. Photojournalism has the ability to impact our world to make positive changes. Photographers seeking to make that difference in their own intriguing way can do so with more power and effectiveness through the support of online platforms like SDN.

Niger Delta, 2009
Photo©2009_Ed Kashi/VII

Photographers are strongly encouraged to submit work to be reviewed for the site. The inclusive attitude of SDN allows for maximum potential of acceptance. Submissions that meet the standards of aesthetic quality, documentary integrity, and technical proficiency will be accepted.  Exhibits posted to SDN are seen by photographers, editors, curators, art buyers, gallerists, and other industry professionals on a global level, making for great exposure. Yes free exposure once again. Each month SDN chooses one photographer to be Featured Photographer of the Month, who receives a $200 cash prize. Potential for your work to be featured on the homepage of the SDN as well as their social media accounts is another benefit of submitting work to this site. See more reasons to submit your documentary photography work to SocialDocumentary.net.

Punjab, 2009
Photo©2009_Ed Kashi/VII

With SDN you can become part of a community of documentary photographers that uses “the power of photography to promote global awareness.”  Among hundreds of other photographers, included in this community is photojournalist Ed Kashi (VII). Learn more about membership and submitting work here.

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