August 28, 2015

Scenes in Amsterdam shot on the Axon phone.

Scenes in Amsterdam shot on the Axon phone.

Opening today: SUGARCANE, Fuel for Change at Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam. Commissioned by Solidaridad, this exhibition of Ed Kashi’s photographs will be on view at through October 4, 2015. Kashi traveled this year to Nicaragua and El Salvador to capture the life of cane cutters there in partnership with La Isla Foundation. The heavy labor and constant heat is causing an epidemic of chronic renal failure among these workers.


Kashi went to Nicaragua and El Salvador to capture the living and working conditions of cane cutters. He tells a story of hope and strength, about the possibility of change. It is a story about opportunities for a better life, about injustice and solutions about how an entire community breaks away from the despair and gain insight into a better future.


You can take part in catalyzing change. Solidaridad has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help educate sugarcane workers on safe work practices and improving their future. “Solidaridad wants to improve conditions for sugarcane cutters and provide an education for potential new sugarcane cutters so that they gain perspective on other, healthier work and a better future. And you can help them, by taking part in this crowdfunding campaign! Educating 1 person costs € 650,-. We want to fill at least 3 classes with 15 people. And that’s just the start! Join us!” Support this effort here.


BONUS: Ed Kashi talks about his experiences in Nicaragua live on Periscope! Watch the rebroadcast here.

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