April 23, 2015

Sugarcane is ubiquitous in our daily lives. We use it not only as food and fuel, but we also plastic, jeans and shampoo. However, the working conditions in the sugar cane production are often very poor. This year, Ed Kashi traveled to Nicaragua and El Salvador in partnership with La Isla Foundation to continue his project documenting the life of sugarcane workers suffering from the epidemic of fatal chronic kidney disease.

Sugarcane - Kidney Disease

“He tells a story of hope and strength, about the possibility of change. It is a story about opportunities for a better life, about injustice and solutions about how an entire community breaks away from the despair and gain insight into a better future.”


Work from this recent trip will be culminated into an photographic exhibition, “Sugarcane, Fuel for Change” commissioned by Solidaridad, to be shown at Melkweg in Amsterdam. This exhibition is set to open August 29, 2015 and will be on view through October 4th. Ed Kashi will be present at the exhibition opening.

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