August 26, 2015

Photoville has invited EverydayClimateChange (@everydayclimatechange) Instagram feed to exhibit this year at its all-free admission photo festival this year in September!  During the festival, EverydayClimateChange founder, James Whitlow Delano, will join a panel discussion at Photoville to talk about climate change.  We would like you to partner with us as we present visual evidence of the challenges of climate change to a whole new audience.”

A logger cuts down a 300 foot tall  Redwood tree that is 1000 years old. 1993 Redwood National Park, California, USA

Photo © Ed Kashi/VII

EverydayClimateChange is a collective of photographers who share visual evidence of climate change from all 7 continents to share the visual evidence of climate change highlighting that “it doesn’t just happen “over there” but that climate change is also happening “right here”.  These photographers document not only the effects of climate change but also potential solutions to mitigate the effects of global warming on our world.”

Tradition and change for the Zulu people of South Africa, in 1998.  Sugar cane fields near Melmoth are cut down and burned off after the harvest.  The Zulus are South Africa's most populous nation, with nearly 10 million of the country's 33 million blacks. They are also its most martial tribe: In the past twenty years as many as 20,000 Zulus have died in factional fighting. Today, the tribe is trapped in apartheid's legacy of violence and poverty.

Photo © Ed Kashi/VII

Help bring the issue of global climate change in front of the eyes of over 70,000 people, by contributing to this campaign to fund the printing of the Everyday Climate Change Photoville exhibition. ” You can help us communicate that there is just one world, OUR WORLD and only we, all of us, can make it a better one.  We hope you will become a funding partner and we hope to see you in New York!”

Click here to learn how you can make a difference.

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