November 01, 2012

Starting today, MSNBC will feature six “Bring it to the Table” video segments.

Each day running through Nov. 6, MSNBC will release one of Talking Eyes Media’s frank, constructive, and thoughtful “Table Talks” featuring thematic, impromptu interviews of citizens like you. Kicking off with “Abortion: are you conflicted?” and followed by segments like “Can you be religious and support gay marriage?,” these interviews grapple with our collective conflicts over our two party system’s restrictive platforms and agendas.

Watch the videos just in time for the upcoming election and see how Americans are coping with difficult voting decisions.

WATCH SUNDAY: Julie Winokur, creator of Bring it to the Table, will be on “Weekends with Alex Witt.” Show airs from noon – 2pm, with Ms. Winokur’s segment showing at 12:40.

photo © 2012 Julie Turkewitz




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