December 27, 2017

Visual Storytelling in the Digital Age Workshop in NYC

Join me in New York City for a 4-day workshop during the holiday season this December 27-30 via Eyes in Progress in partnership with VII Photo Agency.   Learn and improve how to build a documentary reportage by covering an editorial story. To refine storytelling and story composition by...

Orphans of the Universe

Throughout their history, the Kurdish people have been the victims of geopolitics. Consistently entangled by conflicts in the oil-rich territories along the borders of Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey; exploited and betrayed first by colonial nations and Cold War superpowers; and suffering the genocidal campaigns of Saddam Hussein, the...

July 25, 2017

July 30, 2014

Your Shot: How Close Can You Get?

Ed Kashi (VII) was recently an editor for a National Geographic,  Your Shot assignment titled, “How Close Can You Get?” Ed explains his personal connection with this assignment, “ is particularly important to me, as it reflects my personal approach and, in a way, the human being I am. I...