January 29, 2015


I am very pleased to share some updates on my Island of Widows project, including the release of the film Undercane, a feature on Nat Geo’s Proof blog, and my return from my most recent trip to Nicaragua and expanding the project to El Salvador.     National Geographic...

March 03, 2014

Voxxi: An Interview with Ed Kashi

Published yesterday on Voxxi, an interview with Ed Kashi highlights the impact and urgency of Ed’s “Island of Widows” IndieVoic.es campaign, focusing on Nicaragua’s epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin. Discussing the increasing momentum of the disease, Ed is quoted “What’s really a concern now is that the disease has...

February 19, 2014

CDC Plans for Research on CKDu Epidemic

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) recently published an article on the upcoming research studies on the epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDu) amongst Nicaragua’s cane workers. To learn more about the epidemic and help find a solution, support Ed Kashi’s “Island of Widows” campaign....

February 13, 2014

The True Cost of Sugar

On average, Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar every year. Where does all this sugar come from? Nicaragua exports 40% of their sugar to American consumers. Sugarcane workers spend long hours in the fields harvesting sugarcane for our consumption. Record numbers of these cane workers are dying every day...

February 06, 2014

A Voice for the Victims of CKDu

I have reached the midway point in my campaign “The Island of Widows” but still have a big hill to climb. I need your support to reach my goal of $19,000 to fund this important project. Every contribution gets us one step closer to finding a solution to Chronic...

January 28, 2014

NY Times Lens Blog: “Making Pictures, Finding Solutions in Nicaragua”

Featured today on the New York Times Lens Blog, David Gonzalez writes about Nicaragua’s kidney disease crisis that is the subject of Ed Kashi’s documentary project, Island of Widows. A gallery of images by Ed Kashi (VII) from the Nicaragua project is coupled with text on the situation and quotes...