July 06, 2015

Visual Storytelling & Documentary Photography Projects

Join Ed Kashi (VII) and James Estrin (NY Times) for a workshop on storytelling through photography. This workshop focuses on how to create a personal documentary project and get it seen. The ultimate goal is to learn how to find a subject that speaks to a personal passion,...

February 27, 2015

NY Times Lens Blog: Winners of POYi

  Today on the New York Times Lens Blog, James Estrin writes on this year’s POYi winners and interviews Daniel Berehulak (Photographer of the Year – Reportage), Ed Kashi (Multimedia Photographer of the Year) and Rick Shaw (POYi Director). “In a nod to the prevalence of newer forms of...

December 23, 2014

New York Times: The Year in Pictures, 2014

Published today on the New York Times: 2014 The Year In Pictures. The New York Times slideshow of 100 images recaps the year highlighting important events and newsworthy developments including the Maidan riots in Kiev, protests in Ferguson, the Ebola epidemic, and much more. Included in this collection is...

October 06, 2014

Final Words

Today on IndieGogo, Marc Asnin's crowdfunding campaign for Final Words has launched! Please join in taking a stand against the death penalty. Together we can implement change and make a difference. In conjunction with the campaign launch, this important project was featured today on the New York Times Lens...

April 10, 2014

Where the Streets Have No Children: a Photoessay by Santiago Arcos

Featured on the NY Times Lens Blog, an intriguing photoessay by Santiago Arcos tells the story of La Cienega, a village in Ecuador that has no children. After finding this elusive town Arcos heard about on a radio broadcast, he made regular visits to photograph the desolate La Cienega where only 11 residents remain. “There...

January 28, 2014

NY Times Lens Blog: “Making Pictures, Finding Solutions in Nicaragua”

Featured today on the New York Times Lens Blog, David Gonzalez writes about Nicaragua’s kidney disease crisis that is the subject of Ed Kashi’s documentary project, Island of Widows. A gallery of images by Ed Kashi (VII) from the Nicaragua project is coupled with text on the situation and quotes...