May 31, 2016

Delta Blues Again: Trust Nobody

I return to the Niger Delta under a foreboding sky filled with rain clouds that shroud a burning hot sun. It has been seven years since I was last here. I have returned to work on a film about the village of Bodo, which experienced two major oil spills...

March 06, 2014

Documentary Film Premier: BIG MEN

A new documentary film directed by Rachel Boynton and executive produced by Brad Pitt, “Big Men is a real-life Treasure of the Sierra Madre, an epic tale about ambitious people who uncover a massive and exquisitely rare pot of gold in one of the poorest places on earth.” Big Men will...

November 05, 2013

World of Matter

“Water. Coltan. Carbon. Oil. Air. Lithium. Fish. Rice. Land. Gold. These raw materials, extensively extracted and harvested today, are of central concern to World of Matter.“ World of Matter is an international research project that pulls together the efforts of passionate individuals that investigate the use of our world’s...