January 27, 2016

Storytelling with Mobile Photography on CreativeLive

Ed Kashi (VII) will be teaching an online CreativeLive course, “Storytelling with Mobile Photography” on March 1, 2016 from 12:00PM – 5:00PM. “Momentary, stunning lighting on a landscape. A toddler’s first stuttering attempts at standing. An interaction between strangers on the street strikes you as unexpectedly poignant. There is...

December 19, 2013

Exploring Photojournalism’s New Frontiers

The International Center of Photography will be hosting a series of online classes in their continuing education program this winter. Ed Kashi (VII) will be teaching a course, The Art of Visual Storytelling: Exploring Photojournalism’s New Frontiers. “In the digital age, traditional photojournalism has crossed over into and absorbed...