October 25, 2016

Visual Politics–Democratization of the Image

Join Ed Kashi (VII) for a conversation on photography and politics at the International Center of Photography in New York City on October 25, 2016 from 6:30PM – 8:30PM. The talk is part of the Visual Politics series of events associated with Public, Private, Secret, that continue the discussion...

September 25, 2013

“Before and Aftermath”

This summer the Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP) had embarked on a socially significant project to document the historic Zimbabwe elections of 2013. The group of photographers were dedicated to capturing not only the voting, but also the time leading up to, and following the elections. Creating a comprehensive visual...

September 03, 2013

Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers

“Unfortunately you will find that most Zimbabweans have become used to power shortages, inconsistent water supplies, the corrupt practices of service providers and policy makers and heavily potholed roads, which they see as normal.” –Precious Shumba (Harare Residents Trust). With the much anticipated Zimbabwean 2013 elections come and gone,...

Talking Eyes Media Receives Grant

Talking Eyes Media (TEM) has recently received a grant from the Fledgling Fund for their “short documentary film, participatory online platform, and community engagement campaign,” Bring It to The Table. As stated by the Fledgling Fund, “This road trip across the American political psyche uses humor and candor to...

July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013

ZAFP: Inside Out Everyday

The Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP) is an organization dedicated to promoting female photojournalists working against restricted press freedoms in Zimbabwe, to take their stand in the professional photography world. These women are creating a cooperative environment for photographers to grow and help each other, while giving the...