July 22, 2014

SDN: An Interview with Ed Kashi

SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) has just published an interview with Ed Kashi (VII) discussing “his work in Nicaragua, his first crowd-funding, and how he sees photojournalism changing, from Instagram to other opportunities — and challenges — lying ahead.” Kashi reflects on the changes in photography over the course of his career,...

July 15, 2014

“The Redesign”: Securing SDN’s Future

SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) is a collective website for photographers, NGOs, editors, journalists, lovers of photography and anyone else who believes that photography plays an important role in educating people about our world. Your help is essential in maintaining this critical resource for documentary photography. Support SDN’s recently launched Kickstarter campaign to update and...

March 26, 2014

CALL FOR ENTRIES – Narrative Documentary: Still & in Motion

SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) is now accepting entries for  “Narrative Documentary: Still & in Motion”. Submissions should “create a coherent documentary narrative, first with the images and then providing necessary context with text and optionally, sound and motion.” For the first time ever, SDN will be accepting multimedia entries, as “photography is...

October 23, 2013

Panel Discussion at PDN PhotoPlus Expo

Join Ed Kashi (VII), Glenn Ruga, Amy Yenkin, Ron Haviv, and Michelle Bogre for a panel discussion at this year’s PhotoPlus Expo. The event will take place this Friday, October 25th at 1:30pm at the Javits Center. Register online at www.photoplusexpo.com. Hope to see you there!

October 10, 2013

PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2013

PDN’s annual PhotoPlus Expo is quickly approaching. With new product displays, photo industry exhibitors, exclusive deals and coupons, and educational seminars, the PhotoPlus Expo is a must-go event for photography professionals, hobbyists, and students. The event takes place at the Javits Center in New York City. Exhibitors such as,...

September 19, 2013

Photography and the Struggle for a Better World

At this year’s PDN PhotoPlus Expo, Ed Kashi (VII) will be speaking on a seminar panel along with Ron Haviv, Glenn Ruga, Amy Yenkin, and Michelle Bogre called, “Photography and the Struggle for a Better World.” Sponsored by SocialDocumentary.net, the topic of discussion will center on photojournalism making a...

September 13, 2013

SDN Call for Entries

“Since SocialDocumentary.net (SDN) launched in 2008, our tagline has been “Using the power of photography to promote global awareness.” We are now making this the theme of our next call for entries.” SDN has announced a new call for entries. Basing the theme of the competition on their founding principle, SDN...

June 17, 2013

Social Documentary Network

With the ever growing opportunities to share work on the web, the distribution of photographs has become ubiquitous. Communities interested in photography keep growing and continue to be fed by a seemingly infinite amount of  images and ideas. Photojournalists making images for a cause also have the opportunity to...

see PHOTOVILLE, hear ED!

The innaugural PHOTOVILLE, part county fair, part photo festival, whose centerpiece is over 30 shipping containers of exhibition space showcasing international and local talent is almost here. Containers Include Magnum Foundation, Open Society Institute, Photo District News, The New York Times, Bruce Gilden, Brenda Ann Kenneally, Stephen Dupont, Noorderlicht Photography, Amy...

June 18, 2012