November 18, 2009

It’s nearly a three-way tie trying to figure out who to mention first. Is it CONSEQUENCES by NOORThe Copenhagen Climate Council? The work of esteemed Nina Berman?

The Council (otherwise known as COP15), which meets this December, is clearly the behemoth: a U.N. affiliated meeting of 192 nations attempting to come to some sort of an accord on how to save our global climate.

CONSEQUENCES by NOOR is a terrific exhibit that will use photographic evidence to show the effects of climate change from every corner of the world. This is certainly another contender since an educated public is necessary if you want real change.

And then we have Nina Berman, a wonderful photographer, talented artist and friend, bringing the devastation of the Pine Forests of British Columbia to the public with sensitivity and thoughtful imagery.

Certainly the whole endeavor is what’s important. I’ve spent years working on this topic, most notably with CURSE, and the growing attention to global warming over the years has been nothing less than exhilirating. Artists like Nina, projects like 350, exhibits like CONSEQUENCES and the significance of this meeting really can give you a sense of optimism in a world that’s far too easy to become jaded in.

Visit CONSEQUENCES’ website, enjoy the artists, and keep an eye on the COP15, which is sure to be a great landmark in global cooperation.

Categories: Educational, Shout Outs