February 16, 2010

The Daily Kos has just posted a fantastic essay written by Sven Eberlein revisiting the history and complications in the political state of Nigeria – something that should be closely studied to understand the inevitable shockwaves that will be felt on an international scale.

With Goodluck Jonathan, the newly unexpected and unorthodoxly appointed president being from the Niger Delta, the world is and should be watching closely. There is every opportunity for change in not only the Political State, but the Mental, Economic, Ethical and perhaps even Cultural State as well.

It seems that the most pervasive worry about Goodluck’s seating is that he will be veered from his agenda by government bodies comprised of little more than sycophants and corrupt heads of power. Both of these brands of men, their actions and etiquette are the product of decades of foreign influence and financial corruption. Foreign corporations and the remnants of imperialism are at the root of the problem, and need to be addressed immediately.

It is for all of these reasons and the national and environmental circumstances in Nigeria, that yesterday’s development is simply exhilarating.

Please take the time to read Sven’s essay on Daily Kos, crossposted on his own blog. It is very well written and illustrates the history of the well-warranted skepticism the world has as it watches Goodluck’s assent.

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