February 04, 2010

In a response to an alert to the Third Frame: visual imagery and the representation of the majority world “conference” being held in the London College of Communication March 10th, a young photographer pressed Ed with the following question:

“‘Magnum, the international photography co-operative founded in 1947 by Robert Capa and Henri Cartier-Bresson, has sold its photo archive to the founder of Dell computers.” The archive was insured for $100m according to Bloomberg. Do you think this will stop innovation? Being paid for old work is not the same as generating value (either monetary and social) using innovation to increase audiences… is this a good thing for the industry already needing to take risks and invest? That capital could be really well invested in the right hands. Looking forward to March 10th.'”

To which we answered this:

“When Ed started out contemplate that people would want to publish and buy his “old work.” Now he derives a significant portion of his income from sales and multiple uses of his “archival” material. This is why we need to protect our copyrights, because hopefully our work will retain its value, and will ensure our recognition.

Think of Van Gogh. He didn’t have the luxury the renaissance artists had, their patrons and buyers, but continued his career regardless. And for Ed, one of the lasting inspirations of doing this kind of work is seeing the continued desire of others to publish, display, purchase and utilize in some way. Afterall isn’t that why we do this work?”

The conference will feature experts in the field such as; Professor Lilie Chouliaraki LSE, Professor David Campbell of Durham University, Jessica Crombie of Water Aid, Olivia Arthur of Magnum, Rachel Palmer of Save the Children, Jennifer Pollard of LCC, Ben Chesterton of Duckrabbit and filmmaker Sandhya Suri and discuss the changing relationships between journalists and third party NGOs, who are playing a larger roll in the industry day by day.

To find out how to RSVP to this event please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required as soon as you can because places are limited.

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