January 20, 2010

I was asked by a staunch conservative I know, “What about him makes you so happy?”

When I watched President Obama’s campaign gather the momentum it did two years ago, like most of the Left, I was elated for what I believed were all the right reasons. Obama was going to be the first black President, he was going to renew funding for ground-breaking scientific research, he extolled eloquent anti-war rhetoric… he was able to construct a lucid and cogent sentence. But for me there was an underlying and more invigorating variable.

I answered, “Because America is finally becoming less selfish.”

Health Care reform was so exciting for me. The prospect of a friend of mine not having to worry about receiving his dialysis treatment, the idea of an epileptic knowing he will have access to the required medication, struggling families sleeping a little easier and a security net for someone who lost their job gave me the impression that the United States finally recognized itself as a single nation. I imagined that individuals finally realized they were part of a greater entity. Someone in Florida knew they had a compatriot in South Dakota.

It looks like I was wrong. Bush bringing us to war was infuriating, removing our civil liberties abhorrent and reducing stem-cell research disappointing, and I’m not naïve enough to think all these emotions won’t resurface. But this, the refusal to recognize something as simple as the existence of another human being and the delicate sanctity of that life, the seemingly purposeful ignorance of the helpless in this nation is so crushingly depressing for me, I can’t find the adequate words.

I want to know how this is possible. Are we so disconnected from each other that this can be a reality? I refuse as well. I refuse to believe anyone can be that callous, and can only rationalize it as partisan bickering. But then I see the rancor in the eyes of the disgusting embarrassment that is the ‘Tea Party’.

When I think of how we appear to the rest of the world, I am more ashamed of the populist reaction to the proposed Healthcare bill than I am of our actions in the Middle East… sincerely. One of the wealthiest nations in the world can’t provide something as simple as effective Healthcare because a few cowards in Washington will pander to the socially retarded, to a demographic who base their campaign on absurd misinformation, who think it is their duty as Americans to vehemently fight higher taxes handed down from the ever encroaching Federal Government and neglect their real duty to their fellow man.

Don’t think that the world isn’t watching. It is – intently.

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