December 16, 2014

VII is thrilled to be teaming up with Eyes In Progress in 2015 for a set of workshops in Europe that will provide a range of exciting opportunities to learn, engage and challenge participants in the language of photography, visual storytelling and the new frontiers of our increasingly image based world.” – Ed Kashi, President VII Photo


Photo©Ed Kashi/VII

Today, Eyes In Progress (EIP) has announced a partnership with VII Photo Agency to offer a series of European photography workshops in 2015. Bringing together the experience of VII photographers as visual storytellers and the educational organization assets of EIP, this collaboration will offer an ultimate photography workshop experience.


Photo©Ron Haviv/VII

Four workshops in this series have been announced, set to take place in Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, and Amsterdam. These four day workshops are each like chapters within the larger book of visual storytelling courses with VII/EIP. Each course can stand alone, as they each focus on a specific area of visual storytelling, but will create a rich and comprehensive experience when more than one course is taken.


Photo©Stefano De Luigi/VII

The schedule so far is as follows:

April 8 – 11 with Ed Kashi in Barcelona  TOPIC: How to define a storytelling project
May 20 – 23 with Ron Haviv in Berlin  TOPIC: How to find support in order to make your project happen
June 17 – 20 with Stefano De Luigi in Paris  TOPIC: How to be prepared before going on site
July 1 – 4 with Marcus Bleasdale in Amsterdam  TOPIC: Advocacy work

After the workshop, the participants will get an additional review by photography experts and their portfolios published online.

How Many More Years Will We Allow This To Continue?

Photo©Marcus Bleasdale/VII

Founder and CEO of Eyes In Progress, Véronique Sutra is quoted, “I believe there is a VII Photo Agency specific approach to Visual Storytelling: the unique signatures, the photographs’ involvement in each part of the process, the advocacy work. I admire the way this agency is rapidly evolving within today’s global world. VII Photo has always given importance to education and the VII photographers are renowned teachers who know how to transmit their knowledge and generate enthusiasm.”

Learn more about the workshops and register here >>

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