May 01, 2014

“Per capita, Azerbaijan has the highest number of refugees and internally displaced persons of any country in the world today. Twenty-four years of armed conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has caused more than 600,000 people in Azerbaijan to flee their homes. To escape the violent clashes, to internally displaced person (IDP) settlements, located anywhere from former cattle farms to closed resort complexes; these makeshift homes are all that some Azerbaijanis know.”

VII Photo Agency is currently highlighting Ed Kashi’s recent photo essay, “Unresolved Dreams” about Azerbaijan’s refugee population as a featured story. Emotional portraits and observations of daily life bring a new level of empathy and understanding to the forgotten plight of Azerbaijan’s refugees.

Ed Kashi reflects on this body of work, “With so many hot conflicts around this world today that are creating new legions of refugees and people internally displaced, it is all too easy to forget these lingering, unresolved situations. My desire is that this work can help to shed light on these people, humanize them and retain their dignity, but also as a call to action so that their dreams can one day be fulfilled.

Visit the VII website to see more images from this featured story.

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