December 20, 2011

Recently, in August 2011, the “old” CPAC (Colorado Photographic Arts Center) merged with Working with Artists. The end result is a “fully staffed community-oriented center dedicated to the appreciation and learning of photography,”  the New CPAC.

For the first time, Ed will be teaching a workshop at the New CPAC called “Visual Storytelling with Passion & Purpose.” Participants will look at photographs, multimedia and short films to consider the range of tools and opportunities available for image makers today.

Simultaneously, Ed’s “Eye Contact” show will be on view at the New CPAC. Featured in NY Times Lens Blog and New York Review of Books,  the exhibition “Eye Contact presents a collection of photographs normally rejected during the editing process because someone in the frame is looking straight into the camera or at the photographer. While some argue that eye contact is no longer taboo in photojournalism, most agree that it does change how one reads the photograph. Does eye contact in a documentary or journalistic image break down the authenticity of the subject, or the moment? When a subject looks back into the camera, do they stop being just an object, an anonymous entity in the frame? 



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