July 16, 2013

The Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP) is an organization dedicated to promoting female photojournalists working against restricted press freedoms in Zimbabwe, to take their stand in the professional photography world. These women are creating a cooperative environment for photographers to grow and help each other, while giving the rest of the world an inside look at Zimbabwe.

Photo©2013_Angela Jimu

A timely new project the ZAFP is taking on, Inside Out Everyday, looks at the upcoming election in Zimbabwe and its effect on the daily lives of local residents. Sponsored by HIVOS, the project is one of great importance as it gives us the opportunity to watch an important history unfold in Zimbabwe. Under a new constitution, voting rights have been expanded, yet still remain partially exclusive. Protesters are taking a stand against in response.

Photo©2013_Privilege Musvanhiri

Turbulence in the election process continues as we edge nearer to the election date, July 31st. An early polling session for police officers proved the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission unprepared as they did not send enough ballot papers for voters across the country. The error caused long delays and frustrated chaos as much of the day for voting officers was spent waiting in line. As more events unfold in this election process, the intrepid women of Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers are dedicated to documenting this  history-in-the-making.

Photo©2013_Annie Mpalume

See more images from the members of ZAFP, including Angela Jimu, a photographer mentored by Ed Kashi in a 2011 workshop. And makes sure to check back at the ZAFP blog frequently to see updates and new work from these determined and talented photographers capturing the Zimbabwe 2013 elections.

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