July 14, 2015

Ed Kashi (VII) is proud to introduce the new visual story telling publication that is ZEKE Magazine.  Glenn Ruga of Social Documentary Network (SDN) spearheaded the publishing of the innovative ZEKE Magazine. SDN exposes incredibly strong and powerful global documentary photography, and via ZEKE Magazine, the timeless medium of print is being brought the the forefront. The work will be published twice a year in print form, and each issue of ZEKE will also be available in digital . The current issue contains narratives on water scarcity, the garment industry in Bangladesh, and on Rio Di Janeiro as it prepares for the 2016 summer Olympics. Each feature includes full spread photographs along with expansive articles that delve deeper into the stories that the photographers began.


Kashi was interviewed in the inaugural issue of ZEKE along with Matt Black. See the stunning work and read the captivating details told by various photographers by getting your copy of ZEKE.



Follow the LINK to order your own copy of this magazine that has a limited supply of just 1,000 copies.

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