March 27, 2012

[youtube kMNDVm78nfI]

We are pleased to announce the release of Ed Kashi’s most recent photography book, “Photojournalisms.” Further illuminating the intent of the book, a discussion between James Estrin and Ed was recently featured in The New York Times lens blog as well as reviews by ABC News Picture This blog, GUP Magazine, The Guardian, and Pro Photo Daily.

In connection with the book release an accompanying app is being created by David Gross of Mimetic Books, which will be available soon in the Apple store. The app is designed as a companion to the printed book, enriching the reader’s experience through supplemental imagery, background text and audio from Ed Kashi. The final component to this experiential trilogy, bringing to life the voice behind this very personal account, is an experimental short film adaptation by Talking Eyes Media (see trailer above).

For more information about the book and for ordering a hard copy — this is a small run of limited edition books — please refer to the publisher, Nazraeli Press.


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